Friday, May 30, 2014

God must be Defined Positively

We must define God positively. He is a person. Many people always wish to define God by what he is not.

You cannot define a person by what they are not. A person is a positive entity and must be defined positively.

At times statements about what a person is not can help clarify a person. But negative statements are far less useful in defining a person than positive statements.

The bible offers a great deal of positive statements about God. We always need to grasp the positive teaching on the nature of God. This gets us much closer to understanding God than negative statements of what God is not.

In fact God walked among us in the person of Jesus who took on human flesh. We can learn much about the nature of God from looking at the life of Jesus presented in the gospels.

Of course we must really read the gospels rather than what those who do not read the gospels think they say or those who pick and choose what they like from the gospels.

Jesus was a person very concerned with heaven and hell. He did repeatedly declare his divinity and call men to himself.

He was a man who turned the other cheek, but also a man who stood up and fought injustice. You see God's nature is more complex than ours. His personhood is deeper and richer than ours because he is bigger than us.

It is why so many people get God wrong. They cannot understand a righteous anger or a God who judges but does not delight in judgement. We need to learn as we see God what true personhood of the deepest kind looks like.
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