Thursday, May 29, 2014

Balance in Theology

Balance in Theology is not a simple thing. Often many items are held in balance. You see many true things emphasized in a certain way without the appropriate counterbalance is deceptive.

For example law and grace are coupled. In some Theologies grace is uncoupled from law leading to lawlessness. In some Theologies law uncoupled from grace creating a heartlessly hard Theology.

In the bible especially the teaching of Jesus many things are tied together. You cannot study the concepts in isolation. You see heaven and hell are such a pair. Mercy and judgment. Faith and living.

Really scripture is filled with many interconnected items. You cannot properly study each item in and of itself. You cannot create a biblical theology of mercy without a theology of judgment attached.

Really isolating concepts is a concept which is foreign to the bible. Concepts run together because they are all interwoven. They were meant to be together in a way.

It is a sort of scientific principle I suppose which enjoys isolating items to study. Although it is not scientific to do so in the bible since the study of a thing should relate to the thing itself.

Since the bible is a great web of interrelated principles studying each string in isolation has its difficulties. You must always look how everything interrelates, none of the items were meant to be in isolation.

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