Thursday, May 29, 2014

Active Christian Love

Christianity without love is not possible. The bible says that if we have all things, but not love our faith is worthless.

You see one of the great issues of the day is a failure to practically understand and promote Christian love. There is a great concern for ethical living and proper thinking, but love often falls to the wayside.

You see if we live ethically and think properly and expound proper teaching but do not have love then everything we do is worthless. Love of God and love of neighbor is the sum of all true Christian ethics.

Christian ethics which do not teach an active and outward expression of love to the world are completely unchristian. Prayer is also not a full expression of love.

Prayer is vital in the Christian life, but too often people fall back on prayer as the only expression of love they are comfortable to express. This is a completely insufficient expression of Christian faith.

Prayer should motivate action. We pray and prayer is of the most importance, but a prayer which does not motivate action is worthless prayer.

If we pray for our brother or sister in Christ but our prayer has no concern toward action from ourselves then our prayer is insincere. If we pray this or that for a person but do not actively consider how we may be of help our prayer has no sincerity. We pray out of duty and not truth.
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