Saturday, May 31, 2014

Knowing One's Limits

A popular Christian book in recent years started off with the author writing that they were writing the book because they were poor at the topic. The author wrote the book to understand and grasp the topic.

The book has many good qualities and has been very well received. Of course it takes the author two thirds of the book to explain the problem and the solution to the problem is woefully low.

The shame of course is how well the book has been received. The author never understood the topic and people have flocked to a book with partial answers.

It is interesting that often a lot of the lack of quality in action comes from doing too much. The author wrote a book which he was not prepared to write and his audience read a book that did not have really adequate solutions to the problem the book addresses.

You see while the book probably has done a great deal of good and done more good than most books it is also really woefully inadequate. Sometimes we can do more by having the humility to do less.

It is often the case that if we have a few projects we see of value and we attempt 1-2 projects with zeal more good will come of it than if we do 5 projects with great haste and sloppiness.

It is not always the case, but it is easy to try to do too much and thus accomplish too little. This is of course why the bible has a theology both of work and of rest.

The bible tells man to be diligent. The bible also tells man to rest and enjoy life and trust that leisure and enjoying the world is good.

I have heard many preacher criticize men who go home and watch sports on a Sunday afternoon. The man who kicks back after a long week and relaxes watching sports after a long week is not doing anything wrong.

Maybe there is validity to some criticism if it is nuanced, but ultimately God made the Sabbath for man to rest. Many pastors seem to act as if Sabbath was made for a regime of strict all day worship. Really they need to open up their bibles and read Jesus' condemnation of their unbalanced perspective on life.

God created man to be happy and have joy. Of course the ultimate joy of man is in God, but God also created man to delight in the fullness of the world he has made.
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