Saturday, May 31, 2014

Test Me in This

The bible tells us to never put the Lord to the test. Jesus' rebukes the devil in the wilderness for suggesting that Jesus put the Lord to the test.

The bible does command us to test God in one area: our giving. It often seems at times that we cannot afford to give. We have this or that bill, or had sporadic issues, and this or that reason.

God responds asking us to put God to the test. It is interesting that we see that God is all powerful and do not connect it to giving.

I am of course not suggesting that the bible teaches prosperity gospel. Rather that God promises to provide for those who give.

He says that you can put him to the test and not be disappointed. I thought early on that the women who put her last two coins in the collection must have suffered terribly.

Of course we do not know so. We often assume that things will follow logically. We miss the fact that we are dealing with God. His logic is not ours and he can do as he pleases.
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