Sunday, June 1, 2014

Love Is Active

Love is active. If we have love we will seek action. You see many people who claim to have love but have no evidence of ever seeking action.

Maybe they act in private and their works are before God. We cannot know. But the truth is that if we really love we will wish to act.

If we say we love and do not wish to act or always have an excuse to not act then we do not love. Love always wishes to act.

Often love does not have a solution or an ability to act. There are too many problems and we have too few solutions, time and abilities.

But love always acts at one point or another. If love sees a hundred problems maybe love finds a way to act on a handful of them according to ability and time.

But you see a "love" that never acts on any problems is likely not a real love. It is just a facade that excuses itself always with this or that excuse.

True love always acts on a few of the problems it sees in the world. It cannot act on everything, but true love picks a few things to act upon.
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