Sunday, June 1, 2014

True Love

True love is unconditional in nature. You see God loved us unconditionally while we were his enemies.

One of the realities of life is that many forms of love are fake. These forms are sort of reciprocal exchanges.

Sometimes the exchange is one of mutual benefit. Sometimes the exchange is one where one loves their own reflection in the other. In this sense the love is loving the reflection of oneself.

Often this is why the world is so broken. You see true love is unconditional. Love is not based upon convenience or mutual benefit in its truest form.

I suppose someone might object that arranged marriage or courtship of the past had that sort of utility in mind and the marriages there were unconditional.

I suppose there may be some truth but it is one of those things where often marriages stayed together even though love had died and it was a ghost of a thing.

There are many stories written in the past of women who end up killing themselves because of the great lack of love rather than face the consequence of divorce.

The nature of love is that in its most pure form it makes no sense to the world. You see love sees everything in its true nature. The true nature of man is the image bearer of God and every man should be in the most ideal sense united in brotherhood.

Many Christians shut themselves off from the world and deny the issues it has. Others take the spirit of faith and blindly love without worrying of the consequences to self.

You see a middle road is ideal. We need to be innocent and loving but also wise. It is not uncommon that virtue is often the balance between two unwise extremes.
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