Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Man's Greatness

Our culture is often obsessed with great people. What makes people great?

There are many answers. Fame, money, influence. You see it all falls short. The reason is there is no understanding of man's nature.

Sometimes there is an attempt to fall back on philosophy. Man is his own captain or man is who he can be in himself. Sometimes man is seen as great in community.

The great struggle of man is he feels this sense of greatness but it is hard to explain. He also feels empty.

You see man is great because he is a child of God. And he is empty because God is often far from man's thoughts.

You see the closer man is to God the more full he is. As he walks with God he is happy. But there is always something else.

You see man thinks there is something God has not offered and he wanders. Surely this or that will satisfy and not God.

It is always like this in life. There are many lost people. And many who have seen the light of Jesus Christ in the place of glory of the cross struggle to see the cross day by day.

You see we often need not learn anything new but to simply remember. We often forget. It is easy to forget and follow the shadows of life.

Life offers many things that promise happiness. Few provide much. The new phone is not much better than the old phone.

The new TV is not much better than the old TV. And even if the improvement is vast these things consume our time. We gain but we lose other things.

You see it is all ephemeral and nothing has permanence except God. In the beginning God. In the end God.
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