Monday, June 16, 2014


Apologetics has a flaw in that most of the objections to religion are moral and not intellectual. There are certainly intellectual objections but they are of less importance than the moral.

Most moral objections are of the type that object to religion because they do not like what it says. These take many forms but most often religion says things about ourselves and the way we should live that we do not like.

We prefer to live as we please and God wishing us to live in another way is offensive and frustrating. We don't like religion because we don't like being told what to do.

Those were certainly my concerns as I wrestled with Christianity. You see of course that is human pride the first sin and one of the sins that make it most difficult for us to accept Jesus.

The solution is too simple. If we could do something other than simply accept Jesus and his life and work it might be more palatable.

You see faith is hard because we as proud people do not wish to believe the problem is so bad or the solution so easy. We want to earn our way and not just accept that things are so broken that we need an alien righteousness and we have no way of fixing the issue in ourselves.
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