Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Beautiful Simplicity

Post by
Michelle Dowell, Contributor

One beautiful aspect of the gospel is its simplicity. Those who are in need of grace (which is everyone—although many people don't consciously acknowledge that about themselves), are told in the Bible to go to Christ, ask him for forgiveness and for him to be a part of their life, and he will stand in your place and make you strong in ways that matter.

What a reason for peace and joy. So much in life can be disappointing—the fact that we are not in total control of everything is hard to bear. But being reminded who really is in control, and his nature, is soothing.

A sermon that digs too deep into all the meanings of words in different languages in biblical texts or too deep into another topic that is true but not a message of hope in who God is, may miss an emphasis on what people really need to hear the most—that simple message of hope. That message is full of grace that's needed for people who know or see the depth of sinful nature.

Both new and old Christians need to hear that. The beauty of the gospel will never grow old, even when we do.
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