Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Making Time

If I had time... "I would go to church, spend time with family, do this or that. I would, but I have no time."

It is almost always an excuse. Mainly because we make time for what is important to us. If all we can do is work then we show that only work is important to us (or maybe money).

Often we have choices with time. Our choices reveal our priorities. You see that if we never make it to church because we lack time, it is not that we lack time, but that God is not important to us.

If we would spend time with family, but don't have time, it is not that we lack time, but family is not a priority.

There are always exceptions and odd cases, but the truth is we often justify ourselves with excuses. In a fast paced world lacking time is one of the easiest excuses.

Who will question the truth of our busyness. It is true we are busy, but in the course of busyness it is our true priorities which show forth.

You see if our schedule was wide open and we had not a thing to do it would show nothing of our heart if we did this or that. When we lack time it shows more of our heart in what we choose and what we reject by pushing it to the back burner.
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