Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hallow Religion

There is a great hollowness in many churches. You see a theology of righteousness has become very negative.

Being different than the world in many cases is a list of things not to do, with prayer added on as the activity to do.

You see this is such a thin religion. Nothing is required for righteousness except not sinning.

Ultimately religion in its best state is very active. It does and wishes to do.

You see Jesus is the model for Christian living and his life is a life of active doing. He is often criticized for his doing because he dares to act when those with a negative theology believe he should not act.

It allows sin to be sin and failure to act to be sin. And it rests completely on grace knowing day by day we sin.

Resting completely on grace allows and does not hinders action. Our righteousness is perfect and complete in Jesus which frees us to live.
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