Friday, June 20, 2014

Grace on Ourselves

It is at times the case that God is more willing to have grace on us than we are willing to have on ourselves. There is a certain type of reflection on sin which is morbid and unbiblical.

Jesus' work is sufficient. It is not an elevation of our sin to say that it might not be forgivable but a devaluation of Jesus' work.

His work is infinite in value and nothing can compare to it. We delude ourselves to place our sin in comparison to Jesus' merit.

Of course works should flow from our lives. But they are based on what God has done for us. Works flow from grace. Grace is what produces works.

On a practical level nothing is more practical to Christian living than the perfect life of Jesus and his death on the cross. It is grace which has far more real practicality than a sermon filled with suggestions on living.

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