Saturday, June 14, 2014

Choices and Their Implications

Often in life when we encounter deep problems there can be an easy short term path to avoid dealing with the problem and a longer path to solve the problem. We can often deal with the short term symptoms of the problem or the longer term causes.

Often as people we like to take the easy path. It is often easier to ignore this or that recurring issue with a relationship and patch it in this or that way than to seek a fundamentally better relationship.

Our sinful nature causes us to be shortsighted and we often do what is best for today, ignoring the longer term implications of things. Often we need prayer for how to go about our lives.

Being mindful of our tendency to live in the moment at the expense of the long term is important. Debt is a good example of this. Often it is easy to mindlessly acquire debt if we are not careful.

What feels good in the moment may be truly painful in the long term, but we often cannot see past the moment. It is why the bible often warns us to be very thoughtful about entering into debt.

There is never any absolute condemnation of debt in the bible but always a warning to consider that debt is non-ideal and to enter debt with caution. Debt is something to always consider with care and not to take casually.

It is ideal to consider the the short and long term consequences of choices. The short and long term result of choices can often be radically different.
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