Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Biblical Definitions

Often the bible defines things quite differently than the world. Leadership in the bible is often servant leadership.

Success in the bible is living according to God's will and living life faithfully before God. You will see many people biblically who are great leaders and biblically very successful who the world views as having no success.

You see we often define things in ways quite contrary to biblical definitions. Our nature as fallen creatures is to define things in a certain way.

It'd be best to come to scripture originally from a state of neutrality from which to interpret scripture. Instead we come to scripture loaded down with unhelpful assumptions and unbiblical definitions.

It is not that we intentionally come to scripture at a disadvantage, but each culture in every time and place is fallen and brings its wrong assumptions to the text.

The bible meets us where we are, but if we are faithful to the bible we will find that it always demands that we think and it often prods us to be better people or to change in this or that way.

We never stop growing in this life. If we think we are without sin we make God a lier. We grow slowly by grace throughout all of life. Day by day becoming more like Christ.
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