Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Generosity Affects All of Life

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Michelle Dowell, Contributor

Giving brings joy and happiness to a person who gives with the right heart, but what are the ways and reasons it does?

In some ways it's a mystery--we just feel happy when we know we're helping someone. And in another way, we feel good to be following God's command to us to be generous in different ways. The Bible says that those who follow his commands end up finding his ways are sweet.

Here are some specific other reasons/results. I think that giving really helps our worldview re-align with what God would like us to see and have a better knowledge of.

(1) We may feel the peace to slow down or stop on the race to find ways to earn even more money, because giving is a reminder that the center of life shouldn't be money--it's to be able to help ourselves and others in need to the best of our ability.

(2) A reminder that we need others. Taking part in a system of grace reminders us of how we daily need God's grace and grace from others. It's impossible to get anything done without some help. Often the help comes in exchange from money, but there is still a care that needs to be done in doing that work well that the money is exchanged for.

(3) It's a step that acknowledges God's soverignty over all of life. Words only help us so much. We can talk about a concept as much as we like, but action helps re-enforce that concept to truly help us to know the concept better and more truly. God tells us to give and that he will provide for us.
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