Sunday, July 6, 2014

Honest Living

To live honestly before God our works are done before God and not man. You see many times in life we are given a chance to do this or that good work in secret.

We have done the right thing in secret before God. And the temptation is to share the work before men.

You see we are called not to exalt ourselves in the world. Good works done in secret should often remain in secret. It is not always the case: there might be a reason to share, but more often the need to move a good work from secret to the public is a sign of sin.

Our works are before God. Only God matters. We should not value the praise of men, only God.

In fact often when we live well before God certain men will not like us. We are not above our master Jesus and many men did not like Jesus because of the way he lived. The bible assures us that it is normal for the world to find true religion unpleasant.

The world is judged simply by righteous living. The world views certain things as "impossible" and living by faith implicitly condemns the world when the "not possible" is fulfilled.
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