Saturday, July 5, 2014

Postmodernity and the Church

Often the concept of wisdom is lost in the current day. Wisdom implies that many situations in life require thought and prayer to understand ethically.

I believe at times the church is afraid to teach the concept of wisdom which pervades scripture because it feels "post modern" and the church wishes to oppose post modernity.

The reality is that wisdom and the idea that there is a great fuzziness in many situations is not post modern at all. It is not a denial of absolute truth but rather an appreciation that as people who live in a fallen world it is often difficult to know what to do.

You see wisdom and the great need to think long and hard about what is right in many situations is not at all a postmodern impulse. Few churches will overtly bash wisdom, but they will bash the idea that there are many situations which are ethically difficult to understand.

They implicitly undermine the concept of wisdom in scripture by suggesting that ethical living is easy. Often we are more prone to theological error in what we omit from our theology and life than in what is in our theology.

What is missing in a theology is often of far greater significance than what is in a theology. You see theology is supposed to be a faithful understanding of the word of God as revealed in the bible. Thus omissions in theology are often of great concern since theology should attempt to be a faithful understanding of all scripture.
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