Friday, July 11, 2014

Taking Responsibility

Of the largest practical issues in life is failure to take responsibility. If we fail then we cannot improve if we excuse our failure on other things. Obviously there are times where life is difficult and we are fallen creatures in a fallen world.

It is true we act out of character at times. But often it is easy to excuse ourselves repeatedly. We are always too tired or too busy or too over stressed from work.

You see we do not grow because we do not accept we need to grow. This is why the bible says that the heart is deceitful above all things. We are quick to excuse ourselves.

Repentance means to turn around. You see there is a great difference from repeatedly offering excuses for our behavior and repenting. If we repented then we should begin to see some growth on the issue.

Repentance since it is a turning from the wrong direction to the right direction requires an acceptance of the issue at hand. We cannot repent and offer an excuse.

Our actions say something about ourselves. It is easier for us to act poorly when we are tired or under stress but it does say something about ourselves.
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