Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Three in One with the Christian

Post by
Michelle Dowell, Co-Contributor

A comfort to Christians is that when they feel weak and need help, they're far from alone. And it's not just God the Father who's there. The Trinity means that all three in one are on the Christian's side:

The Holy Spirit helps us each day through the process of sanctification, our daily growing stronger in the faith, in relying on God, who is the most important and powerful being in this world.

Jesus is at the right hand of the ever-powerful Father, interceding for us. And his recorded life on earth is a marvelous gift of words to guide us and assure us that he's on our side. Remembering his sacrifice for our salvation and repaired relationship with God the Father should allow us to see such value and hope in our purpose and life.

God the Father, all powerful and the creator--we have access to him through Christ. How wonderful. A torn relationship was repaired. And signs of his power and loving creativity are in the natural things around us. Such interesting and beautiful details and loaded potential are in all varieties and shapes around us. So much more than a human could ever imagine creating. We can only create reflections of most of these things.

The Christian is also a part of the body of Christ, the local church and other Christians. There are other Christians out there who care deeply if they know of a fellow Christian's need.

And God's common grace given to non-Christians, and his sovereignty, also helps non-Christians to help a Christian in need.

So, dear fellow Christian, for these many reasons, know you are not alone.
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