Wednesday, July 9, 2014

True Love is Unconditional

True love is unconditional. Often we find in the world and church love which has a condition.

You find people who love those that love themselves. They love family and friends as an extension of themselves.

You see love is like an extension of a business deal. Love is based on utility or convenience or some other good.

There is truth in this sort of love, but if falls short of Christian love. Christian love is love which continues despite human logic.

You see in a sense to the world Christian love seems irrational, because it loves even when love does not make sense. Jesus laid down his life for us while we where still enemies.

You see in life true Christian virtue is of a different type than the virtue of the world because it goes farther. Lewis said that the issue with our desires is not that they are too strong but that they are too weak.

It is often true. Christianity is a religion which tells us that we care too little and are too concerned about the small details. You see we miss the point of life so often.

We see this or that tiny thing as important when it has no importance and miss the great realities of life at work around us.
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