Monday, July 14, 2014

Theology is Shaped by Living

One truth is often that our life shapes our theology more than we would like to admit. Many theologians assent to the truth of certain principles, but one can only strongly understand and proclaim what one does.

Some people proclaim what they do not do and are hypocrites. Many theologians and pastors skirt many issues because their life lacks certain qualities. Maybe they are not generous so they cannot deal with giving.

The issues are manifold, but many theological deficiencies stem back to deficiencies in living in one's life. You see there is a great difference between assenting to a theological statement and living it and understanding it.

To be a truly good theologian one must also actively seek to live out one's faith in the world. Theology can never stay as simply something leaned from a book; it must also be lived. Theology which is 'learned' in a book and never lived was never really learned.
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