Sunday, July 13, 2014

Forgiving Ourselves and Action

Often in life we need to have an attitude of forgiving ourselves in advance. It is not that we should seek to sin; that would be wrong. But often attempting to avoid sin at all costs leads to debilitating inaction.

Maybe we need to have a conversation with a brother or a sister in Christ about something going on. Maybe we need to confront this or that wrong in the world. You see if we are too concerned about not making a mistake we cannot work out our faith in the world..

The bible calls us to act. Sometime when we act against a wrong in the world things can be strange and at times a bit messy.

We need to allow ourselves the grace to understand that it is better to act out of a sincere heart and enter into a difficult situation than it is to seek purity at all costs. Of course the sincerity is of great importance.

I believe at times our sincerity may be best judged by our reluctance to enter into the situation to fix the wrong. You see we value peace and unity, but we know action is necessary, because peace at all costs is not true peace.

Sometimes we need to act and realize that if we have acted by faith we have done right whatever happens. You see God calls us to act, but success is what he grants.

We can act in great faith pleasing to God and not right a wrong. He calls us to act in faith, but the result is in his hands not ours.
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