Friday, August 1, 2014

Emphasis in Theology is Key

Emphasis makes or breaks theology. Most off balance theologies over-emphasises certain truths. Other theologies neglect and ignore or under-emphasise certain truths.

A theology with highly over-emphasised and under-emphasised elements can sometimes be more dangerous than outright theological error.

Christian faith requires balance. This is why scripture calls us to wisdom. Many things are contextual in nature. The context of biblical truth and its application in life need to be contextually appropriate.

There are many theologies built heavily around a few key passages and those passages dominate the theology. The lack of balance is hurtful to the theology.

All truth is good, but many truths have a limited scope of use. This is the great danger with overemphasis.

Truth is called upon to work in areas where it cannot work. It is like choosing to only use a hammer out of a toolkit for every home repair project that comes up.
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