Saturday, August 2, 2014


Growing in the Christian life requires looking to God. Often people look to grow by looking at sin and then trying to avoid sin.

There is truth in the approach, but studying the problem does not help us as much to the solution as looking at God. If we look to God and learn about God and love God then we will make far more progress in faith than if we look at sin and try to avoid it.

Righteous living is very active in nature. This is also why looking to God is helpful. God is a God who acts.

Jesus' life was filled with righteous activity from start to finish. The need for the Christian to act is at least as important for righteousness as the avoidance of sin.

You see avoiding sin, without an active expression of love is meaningless. The bible says if we have all things, but lack love it is worthless.

Love is something which is active and must be expressed. We can avoid sin sitting in isolation in a room our who lives and the avoidance of sin is worthless without expressing love.

Love is active. We must go out and do. We must risk and be vulnerable. Love is more important for real righteousness than avoidance of sin.

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