Saturday, August 16, 2014

Expectation of Fellowship with God

We should live our lives in view of fellowship with God. The bible says that God is high and lifted up and completely different from us. The gulf between God and sinful man is immense.

But through his Son Jesus, God has bridged the gap and beckons us to draw near. It is God's pleasure for us to come to him in faith and enter into eternal fellowship with Himself. People often make a caricature of the Christian God as someone aloof who does not seem to have a concern for people. Nothing could be farther from the case. God entered time and time again into history because of his concern for people.

God offers the solution to the issue between God and man. Of course maybe mankind thinks of God as aloof because God offers the solution on his terms. This is often the issue: man does not like God's solution.

God's solution is too hard, people say. Of course again this is nonsense. God's solution is only so hard because we simply need to take God at his word and accept his Son. You see the Gospel is difficult because we are not allowed to do anything to earn it.

It is a gift. As prideful people it is easy to scoff at the gift as hard because we are proud and earn our way. Of course the solution is a mirror of the the initial break apart from God and man.

Man thought he knew better than God and wanted things on his terms. God was not taken at his word and was believed to be holding something back. The solution is simply to take God at his word. There is a great parallel between the problem and the solution.

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