Sunday, August 17, 2014

Making Time for What Matters

We always make time for what is important to us in life. Often we say that this or that things is important but we never do it.

Maybe the whole thing would take a weekend or a few hours. When asked we say it is important to us.

Maybe it is. But over time we never get around to it. You see we are rarely as busy as we like to claim. Especially over the long term.

We often find that we excuse ourselves in life or hide our priorities from ourselves by saying we do not have time.

It is of course good to relax and take time for ourselves. This is the biblical idea behind Sabbath. Man should not work without rest. That is not God's intent.

But often we convince ourselves that we believe things are important to us that are not. We over emphasize our busyness to disguise from ourselves what we do not find important.

You see we know what we should find important and if it is not important to us it is uncomfortable because our heart is revealed. So we excuse ourselves by saying we are too busy. This or that always comes in the way.

In the end over the long term our use of time expresses our heart. Some of us are extremely busy, but we always make time for what is important to us.

If it is truly important you make time for it.
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