Sunday, September 7, 2014

Good Theology Includes People

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Michelle Dowell, Contributor

A theology so focused on the knowledge of God that it disregards people, including self, is missing a great deal. Throughout the Bible God interacts with people, he cares about them, and wishes for their true happiness. God's desire is for people to thrive.

It's important that we don't forget about people in need locally and throughout the world. We don't need to focus on it but if we have time or some money to help, our heart should aim for that. If we don't have that, we can pray to have that heart, a heart like Christ's.

Some people focus so much on doing what they view as the right thing for people ("I must be involved with this church group or do this church activity") they mostly just go through the motions of interacting with people. They don't have a true, genuine love for people, where they start to truly know the person, they just have a feeling of obligation to be with people because that's what is expected. At times we should go to or do things we need to go to or do when we aren't feeling it, but we should truly aim to have our hearts in what we choose to do, and pray and work on over time loving more.

Truly caring about someone means taking time to get to know them and remember, and wish for their best. Getting to know someone doesn't mean asking 10 questions in a row. It's over time just being with the person and noticing things about them.

The mark of a Christian is love. Many people may nod in agreement with this but think love is simply following a set of expectations or rules. Genuine, true love involves the heart and really cares. If a person always just follows rules, then he or she cares about following the rule and not loving the person (maybe for the pride of doing it or only being concerned about obeying one rule instead of God's commands to obey and love people).
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