Monday, September 8, 2014

Convenience and Christianity

In the modern world we seek conveniences constantly. This or that will make our lives convenient. We place conveniences as an absolute good.

We often wonder why the world around us is falling apart. In part it is because dealing with the problems around us is inconvenient until the problems affect us.

The Christian message comes and tells us that what is of real significance and that the significance will be a great inconvenience to our lives. We are called to be like the man who found a pearl of great value in his field and sold everything he had to get the field.

We often find that this or that keeps us from the gospel or this or that good thing. We are always people of excuses. We do not like the truth about ourselves--it is inconvenient. This is the issue; we often make up excuses because that is the easy path.

We are always too busy to do this or that but never too busy to spend three hours playing golf or watching sports every Saturday. Christianity is a religion of joy.

True joy is fellowship with God, but true joy comes with a cost. Sometimes true joy pushes into our lives and displaces some temporal joys which are getting in the way.

You see Christianity in no way suggests that joy, even joy in the world, is wrong. But it calls for priorities and sees the need to at times act even when it is inconvenient.
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