Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Objecting to Scripture

Often we find in the church objections to scripture which in a sense place scripture on hold. Scripture is not wrong, but we cannot figure out how to apply scripture so we will table the thought until tomorrow. Tomorrow we forget the thought and in the end we never act on the words of scripture.

For some churches it is evangelism. They have seen evangelism done wrong and thus table the whole thing and it never happens.

For some churches helping the poor. They have seen instances which went wrong and can't figure out the right path and intend to act when the right path is found, but it never is.

You see we often meet scripture which shows us our priorities in life are off, but we don't know how to fix it. And so we wait and eventually never act.

How can we do better? At times prayer will help. Prayer often illuminates the path. At times it is simply sincerity. If we know there is an issue and truly keep the issue before us with sincerity often the answer will be found.

Often we feel we are sincere when we want to fix an issue but put it off, and often our sincerity is not so great that we ever get around to fixing the issue. It is a matter of the degree of our sincerity at times. We often place important things which are difficult at the back of a great list of projects and the last project on the list will of course never get done.

Often in life we discover our priorities by our actions. We discover we are sincere or insincere by what we actually do. At times this discovery can be disheartening. We are not always as noble as we would wish.

The grace of God is always sufficient and we live moment by moment by grace. But if we really wish to live well when the word of God speaks to us we should listen. And when the word of God convicts us to do better or fix this or that we need to not table the issue indefinitely.
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