Thursday, October 30, 2014

God Brings Victory

We often worry if we can succeed at spiritual things. Can we succeed if we attempt to share the gospel with someone? Can we really succeed at solving some issue among brothers? We worry so much about if we can be successful in spiritual matters.

There is truth in the concern. How we deliver a message or go about a solution is important but it is easy to miss the main point. It is God who brings victory and not us.

You see this constantly through out the bible. If God is with Israel then Israel succeeds; if he is not with them they fail. Really in all spiritual issues it is like this.

We do not change people or bring people to faith. God changes people and brings them to faith. We are the hands God uses to accomplish his purposes.

Often we fail because we do not act. We think we are not strong enough. In a sense we are right. We are not strong enough to bring about the result often no person is.

The reality is that our strength is far less important than God's strength. Sometimes we do the right things very poorly and yet God causes us to succeed. At other times we do everything perfectly and fail. The result of our efforts in spiritual things often has far less to do with us than we think.

It is easy to give up because we failed in trying to solve this or that issue. The reality is we are often responsible to simply to do what is right. If we succeed or fail in spiritual things it is often not really in our hands.
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