Friday, October 31, 2014

Approaching Goal Setting and Planning

If we're told in the Bible not to worry about tomorrow, and that God is in control of everything, then where is the place for setting goals for tomorrow and in the distant future? Planning for the future is good, but we need to have the right mindset, one that is willing to be flexible and adjust with circumstances.

We can't see the future or all the details of a situation, so we have to make plans based on our limited view of things at times. For example, we can't always predict the economy or the weather. So it may turn out that a goal or plan won't be accomplished the way we'd like it to be or we might have to give up a goal or plan we had.

The good news is God has a view of everything and is an all-powerful God. So it's really in his hands. It can be humbling and hard when our plans aren't met because it doesn't match what God allows to happen. But that's when it's time to acknowledge God's goodness and that, since he is good, what has passed is working toward a glorious plan that God has for our lives and for his glory.

The good part of goal setting and planning is it's something to aim for, and it helps us to aim to do what we feel matters the most. Sometimes we can focus on one thing so much that we forget other things we wanted to focus on, so a list written down or in our head may help us to remember.

Sometimes we have to wait on a plan we have, and while we wait, we can be reminded of the other things that are goals--or things we find that are worthwhile and fun to do that we wrote down in the past.

We need to be humble and know that we aren't perfect and therefore our plans aren't either. It's fine since we can't see everything and we are growing and learning, but when we see any flaws in a goal or plan, then it's good and wise to adjust or let go of certain goals and not be hard on ourself.
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