Saturday, November 1, 2014


Often life does not go as people wish. It is easy to be faithful in our work or continue to make smart decisions when things are going our way.

Often things do not go our way in life however. We often need to continue to make the responsible decisions even when we we are not entirely happy.

Humility in practice often means continuing to be faithful in the work in our life if we feel gripped or slighted. At times faithfulness to God means setting aside our feelings.

Often doing the right thing is not the easy thing. Much of the difficulty is that often doing the right thing cuts at our pride. Sometimes righteousness requires setting aside our feelings.

Of course we can and should seek joy in life. God wishes for us to be happy. His intent is for our good.

At times life is difficult and perseverance is of course necessary. Responsibility is often setting aside how we feel and doing the right thing, whatever it is in certain situations.
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