Saturday, October 18, 2014

Human Nature

The nature of humanity is fallen and corrupt.  I believe this is one of the most scientifically verifiable claims in the bible.  And yet social science and social thinkers often deny the fact.

I suppose we do not like what the bible has to say about the condition of mankind.  So we create theories of this or that type to explain the actions of people.  There is truth to many of the theories which suggests how people head wrong, but it misses the ultimate point that the bible is right about the nature of man.

Man is inherently selfish and fallen.  If you educate a person to act well and live well in society it does not change the fact of their nature.  In fact some of the worst influences on society come from people who are completely well behaved and law abiding.

You see the nature of man expresses itself constantly against God.  Man is against God because man wants things his way.  We want to be the king of the universe rather than admit that God is the king of the universe.

It is why the bible at times says that God is in the heavens laughing.  You see we are so foolish at times to think we can dictate to God the way things are or should be.

Man always wants to think well of himself, his actions, and intentions.  The evidence in life suggest that mankind is a sinful race, but we would like to ignore the fact.  It is always this or that which is the problem.  Once this or that is fixed we will all see that man is inherently good.

But you see this or that was never the problem.  The problem is always that mankind has rebelled against the Lord of Heaven and earth and needs to be reunited to God in fellowship.

The solution is not hard.  God has done basically all the work.  All we have to do is accept that we need help and turn to God in faith.

Knock and the door will be answered.  Maybe why faith is so hard is because it is so easy.  It is humbling to accept that such a huge problem has such a simple solution.  But it mirrors the issue that started the mess.  Man would not take God at his word and now God asks man to take God at his word.
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