Friday, October 17, 2014

Pleasure Is Not the Enemy

The other day I read a quote that basically said that pleasure must be avoided in order to not sin. Since when is sin and pleasure the same thing? Sin comes in a variety of forms.

The quote might have been trying to say that it's wise to think first about what God wants before making decisions. That is true. We should aim to follow the Bible in what we do. But in no way should we make sweeping statements that make it sound like Christianity is against pleasure.

God wants us to have pleasure. After all he created a world where we find pleasure in looking at the variety of color and beauty in nature and simple things.

Life isn't always pleasurable and surely some wise decisions will be painful in the short term. Following Christ sometimes feels difficult, but it also has its pleasures that include knowing and being loved by him.

The message that we would love to share with non-Christians, and even with each other in forms of encouragement and praise, is the beautiful pleasure of being together in Christ and the knowledge that his commands are good, and there is meaning and purpose in life beyond ourselves.

To be able to show the world the pleasure and freedom we have in Christ, some of us might need to aim to take more pleasure in things.
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