Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Holidays and an Honesty to Ourselves

The holidays are coming. It is important to be honest with ourselves at these times.

The expectations of the world are unrealistic. The holidays will not be perfect. The gifts will not be perfect, and our relationships will not be perfect.

The world is fallen after all and under the curse of sin. The nature of the world is such that life is not perfect and we can only look forward to the perfect life in heaven with God to come.

If life was as the commercials wish to tell us then the bible would not be true. If money could buy an eternal happiness then scripture would be a lie.

Sometimes money can buy a temporal happiness, but it is not absolute. The human condition is always deeper and family and money cannot fill the void.

Only God as revealed through Jesus can satisfy the void. The new car, new baby, new electronics will only be a temporary fix.

We medicate ourselves with short fix after shore fix. We deal with the surface scratch while ignoring the core.

The core we need is the Jesus we find who loved himself and gave himself for us so that we can be in relation with him forever.

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