Saturday, November 15, 2014

Holiness is Active

Today it often seems that all talk of holiness centers around avoiding this or that. Holiness has become not doing this or that bad thing.

Many people are criticized for what they have done, but no one is ever criticized for doing nothing. The reality is that we need to move past looking at what we are doing primarily and look more at what we are not doing.

The great reality is that many people in the church live a completely "holy" life in terms of avoiding sin, but also lead a life completely devoid of any positive action. You see what they lack is any expression of love toward the world.

If we have everything and lack love then our faith is futile. You see faith requires an active outward influence. A Christian's love must be expressed to live out faith.

We cannot be holy if we do not take positive concrete steps to live out our faith in the world. These steps need not be large, but if we wish to follow God it is of absolute importance to ask what we are doing in the world rather than what we have avoided doing.
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