Friday, November 14, 2014

Complexity in Life and Faith

Life is full of complexity. You see the multifaceted nature of everything when you study something for a day, or a year, or even decades. That's how long it takes to truly attempt to learn all the details of something at times.

The same goes for knowing the Bible, God, and living a Christian life. Often people want it to be simple: Hear the message once and respond, and that's it. Or go to church, and you've got it. Those are good thing, but there's more.

The gospel is simple in a way. But it also has a beautiful depth to it too. When you accept Christ, all you need to know are some basic truths. But after that, growing in knowledge is important.

What more is there to grow in knowledge, you may be asking. Here's a starter list to help you see what topics there are:
  • Grace. The true meaning of grace.
  • Law/Commands/Sin. How this relates to grace, too, but we must first see why we need and are given grace. And learning how God's commands really are good for us.
  • Wisdom. Since life is complex, sometime discernment and good judgment are needed. The Bible helps us in learning wisdom.
  • Love. What it means to truly live out those two commands. It is active and much more. I've created a list of 6 posts on loving others.
  • How God has related to humans throughout history. This includes feeling loved and accepted by Christ if you're a Christian.
  • The Trinity.
I hope you don't feel overwhelmed by the list. It's more of a privilege to think of the wealth of interesting things that help us grow closer to God.

Learning about these things can aid in living in a Christian way.
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