Thursday, November 13, 2014

We Cannot Please Everyone

We cannot please everyone in life. It is an absolute.

If we are a Christian we cannot please atheists. If we vote one way we cannot please others who vote other ways. It is easy to think that we can get out of the rut of always displeasing someone by saying nothing on any issue.

Of course it is not the case. If we interact with enough people we will soon find there will be those who are displeased that we refuse to state our minds and take a side! They may have a good point to a degree as well!

It is the nature of life that people will be displeased by what we have to say at times. Often people will argue against Christianity, that it makes people unhappy, the thought of ultimate reality and heaven and hell. Well it can be said for almost any religion or any position which expresses itself.

Christianity is not unique in it's absolute claims. I think what is unique in argumentation in the current day is a widespread effort to malign the church by pointing out issues in specific areas.

Of the millions upon millions of professing Christians in the United States the faults and errors of certain leaders are held against all in a way which is quite odd. You find entire websites lampooning the religion for oddities in worship and what not.

It is a great oddity at times how often atheists who came to atheism by "rising to a higher" level of thought have very few strong arguments against the religion and rather resort to massive attacks against how they hate the culture of people who adhere to the religion.

I suppose I am not exactly being fair, but you can find a great many websites that condemn the whole of the Christian faith with little more reason than one thousand odd things I don't like about people who are Christians.

It is interesting that atheists even put up and enjoy such non-sense and do not condemn fellow atheists with such an approach. I suppose people delight more in making fun of others rather than being fair which is the point of scripture on the human condition all along.
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