Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Good in Life's Repetition

Often it is easy to feel bogged down in the necessary repetition of tasks in life.

I heard a person mention this once and then say God created the sun to do the repeated task of coming up each day and how that's beautiful. It's at least an example of how repetition of a task is not bad, or how we're very grateful when others preform these daily tasks.

These repeated tasks or needs allow us to help others. Every single day we have a chance to help others by the daily, repeated tasks we do each day. We certainly know how to do them because we do them each day, so it makes it really easy to help others.

When we eat and sleep, we gain energy that may help others. When we cook, we may likely create a way to enjoy the gift of food with others.

When we go to work and find we do a similar thing every single day, we are helping the community that receives the product we help produce and we also have a chance to really help our coworkers in their work and feel loved by truly trying to do work well. We may be building trust by delivering what we promise the same time each week.

God wants us to love him and love our neighbor, and in loving our neighbor we honor him. Repeated tasks give us chances to honor him. And as we've noticed at times when we give to or help others, we sometimes have a sense of happiness or fulfillment when we do it.

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