Tuesday, November 11, 2014

True Friendship

Friendship in the deepest sense requires an interest in the well being of the other. It places us in the odd situation of desiring the well being of the other even if it means we will see far less of the friend.

We can find that at times our friends seem resentful of good things which place some distance in our relationship. In a sense these friendships fall far short of ideal. The friendship is placed above the mutual good of those in the friendship.

It is a strange dynamic but the best friendships are those where the friends place the happiness of their friend above the friendship. Many shallow friendships tend to place the friendship over the happiness of each other.

You see the difference is that in the shallow friendships each person is searching for happiness on their own. In a deeper friendship each friend is searching for their own happiness and the happiness of the other in the friendship.

You often see that joy is more complete when we have a bit less desire in finding it for ourselves. We should desire to have joy and happiness, but if we do not desire it for others often our joy and happiness is incomplete.

It is as if an essential element of joy and happiness to be truly full is that we actively seek the joy and happiness of others. It is of course what one would expect from the bible.

The bible describes the law of God as sweet and pleasant. Love for God is a joy presented in the bible and the Christian walk as a easy burden compared to living in sin.

You see we often doubt the bible's correctness on these issues. How can the law of God and worship of God make my life better? We are often tempted to think this way.

We act as if God doesn't know us better than we know ourselves. The other fact is that we place individuality to such a degree that we cannot imagine religion and many of the laws fitting into that mold.

Of course if we tried out the bible we often find that its way is better. But it often takes time. Sin tends to look for good in the moment at the expense of the future. The bible always protects human happiness in the long term against shortsightedness.

When we meet the bible and we feel the bible is wrong it is usually just a matter of time if we keep an open mind before we see the wisdom of the bible.
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