Monday, November 10, 2014

Seasons of Change

As much as we may love routine or how things are in our life or plans now, change seems to always sneak into our lives. People move, new technologies change the way tasks are done, jobs responsibilities or opportunities change, and many other things.

There are times in life when there is very little change, and other times when it seems like change happens way more than we want for months on end.

It's at times of unexpected change that faith is of great help to us. We often don't know why things are changing, but we know that God has a good plan for us. We know that he will give us the strength and will love us still at the times when we feel weak.

Whether it's a time of change in your life or not, now is a good time to soak in the meaning of the Bible, of what Christ's work means and how God has a good plan for his children and will be with them. That will help prepare for times of transition but also helps in times of transitions.

Often transition takes up large amounts of time and thought, and having already really learned about God and our relation to him can be in the back of our mind or there in quick moments in between tasks, and is a comfort to us.

The more we study and truly learn God's Word, the more we'll feel a confidence that God will always love us and allow things to happen for our overall good.

This reminds me that God never changes. However much we feel life around us is shifting and changing, we know that God is still the same God he was yesterday. And if we truly know God, we know that is a great thing.

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