Sunday, December 7, 2014

God Does Not Show Favoritism

God does not show favoritism. In theory all in the church agree to this point. In practice the church often views that God does prefer certain types of people to bring to himself.

We find many Christians suspect that God is more likely to save the unbelieving business executive than the cashier at our local supermarket. Some people feel that God is more likely to save those who are non-Christians and appear to have their life together than non-Christians whose life is a mess.

The issue is that we often assume the mind of God. It is dangerous for us to begin to act on what we assume God intends as God often has the most striking judgements on those who stand in the way of anyone coming to himself.

God's will is for us to reach out in love to the world. We cannot assume how anyone in the world will respond.

If the bible teaches us anything it is to expect the unexpected with God. God often accomplishes his will in ways in which men would not accomplish their ways. God uses unexpected people like David.

Often today we hear preachers act as if David was a logical choice humanly for king. It is of course the exact opposite story scripture tells. David was the least likely choice among his many brothers and a vary unexpected person for God to raise up.

Paul was an unexpected addition to the apostles. In fact many of the apostles of Jesus were very humble choices for God to chose for such an important task.

You see we bring too many ideas to the table when we anticipate how God will advance his kingdom in the world. God often has far more intent than we expect to use humble fisherman to advance his kingdom than to use people of position and power.

It is easy to feel we are too small or two weak to accomplish tasks we feel God has called us to. In a sense we may be right. Moses was correct that he was a poor speaker, but God called him to speak. You see it is God who brings success or not success and that is the ultimate reality.

If God has truly called us to accomplish a task he has also provided the means to accomplish the task if we have faith to see and believe.
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