Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Human Condition

It is interesting to see the sin nature in play in "compassion." Often the right causes are championed, but it is always causes which are far away from home.

It is frequent to see causes championed by people exclusively outside their zone of influence. The real test for whether compassion is real or fake is how it responds to what it can possibly control or influence.

True compassion takes action and seeks change as it presents itself locally. Many forms of fake compassion champion causes which are comfortable because the heart of the compassion cannot reasonably require action.

Compassion lives or falls on the willingness to take action. Compassion that does not lead to action is empty wind.

The real question for compassion is what are you personally doing. Not what are you telling others to do.

We may be able to influence others, but only after we have been credibly involved in change ourselves.
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