Saturday, December 6, 2014

Listening as Love

One way to show love to others is to truly listen. Hearing is different than listening. To hear means you only hear the sound of words, but it doesn't mean any thought has been taken to truly understand and process what has been said.

People can tell if you've been listening to them and feel loved or respected if they know you're listening. They can tell by your questions and responses and if you remember what was said later.

It's not always easy to listen. Our brains are powerful and have the ability to process thoughts faster than words are spoken, so we have to purposely try to not have our thoughts go to the next thing or how to respond before the person is stating their complete thought when we should focus on what the person is saying.

And this principle also applies to listening to God's word. Listening to God's Word is one way to show love to God. We should think about his Words enough to truly understand. The same principles apply.
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