Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Realistic Expectations in Ministry

Often the church needs to have a reality check about its goals. It is easy to hope for and dream of more from our work than what happens.

The church often looks to accomplish great things. While the dream of accomplishing great things is beautiful often the reality of what is possible to accomplish at times may be more mundane.

Often making small and steady progress is realistic. Often it is easy to feel as if small and steady progress is not enough.

Often small and steady progress accomplishes far more than dreams of grandeur. All progress brings glory to God.

It is often our sin which makes us feel that slow and steady progress is insufficient. Often authentic ministry brings glory to God, but does not stroke the pride of the minister by bringing praise and acclaim.

The goal of a minister should always be to bring glory to God. Ministry is successful or unsuccessful on this measure alone.
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