Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year, New Beginnings

The calendar flipping to a new year feels like a new start for many people. Setting goals with the hope that this year will be better is common.

As we think of new starts and new beginnings in the new year, let's remind ourselves of the new beginning offered to us through Christ. Jesus paid the overwhelming debt of sins—past, present, and future—for those who come to him in faith. There's freedom from no longer having the great burden that has separated us from God.

For those in Christ, this means a new family. God is our Father! The best father. A king and purely good.

It's also a new way of life. There's joy and new motivation, with the help of the Holy Spirit and in response to such amazing grace, to help people in need and to love our neighbor.

A new reason to just chill too. We have peace knowing God is in control.
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