Friday, January 16, 2015

A Great Need: Faith

A great need of everyone is to feel accepted and loved by God, and to have a sense of love for God and his beauty.

When people start saying that the only way to be accepted and loved by God is to follow a set of rules, this has terrible affects. Being accepted into God's family is not about what we do, but what Jesus Christ has done for us.

We are compelled to do good works out of deep gratitude for Christ's work in our lives, and Christ still works in our lives through the Holy Spirit. He gives us faith. He continues the good work in us.

Fear often causes trouble. For instance, a person hears the gospel but may become afraid that they didn't hear it right, that there's something that needs to be done, and just to be careful, pushes themself hard to do certain things. And it continues. Rules upon rules are added. But we are asked to rely in faith only in Christ.

The Bible says that God's word and way are the truth. We make things way more complicated than they really are when we are "just to be careful" following certain rules or steps, things which honestly don't need to be followed. Understanding the truth is letting go of those and having faith that it really is that simple. It requires one thing: faith.
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