Thursday, January 8, 2015

Grace which Moves

Grace should move us to live out our Christian faith. It is our union with Jesus through faith which transforms us.

It is often felt by many that the church needs practical teaching. Practical teaching is of use, but faith and the gospel will always naturally result in works.

Many times the failure of people to live out the practical parts of Christianity is a failure to grasp the significance of the grace they have received. Once we understand the grace we have received, slowly everything else will begin to fall into place.

The success or failure of Christian living in the church rests and falls on grace. It is not that practical teaching is not useful (because it is). But that practical teaching is only useful once grace is understood.

And too often grace is not understood and thus practical teaching falls on deaf ears. Many congregations with issues in their midst do not need practical teaching on Christian living, but rather to understand the gospel in a more significant way.

Often failures of living are not failures to grasp practical teaching but failure to grasp the significance of the grace we have received.

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