Saturday, January 10, 2015

Peace Through Accepting Truth

One way to help with feeling more at peace and not overwhelmed by the busyness of life is to practice and grow in the wisdom of being humble and honest about limitations. There are countless opportunities and possibilities in life, but it's wise to keep in mind that limitations exist for every person. Every one has limits in hours available, physical and emotional energy, and money, whether or not they're honest enough to admit it.

That's what the Bible means by humility. It's realizing and admitting the truth about ourselves in order to respond appropriately and well and to be healthy, because we then see what we need to make the right choices.

One example is how many people approach friendships. They try to be close friends with everyone and in the end feel like they aren't friends with anyone. The reason is that with the amount of hours that person has, they really can't invest deeply into 15 people. Both that person and each "friend" are affected by desiring a close friendship but feeling like something isn't connecting, wondering why the friendship isn't getting deeper or knowing that the friend just doesn't have enough time for them.

It'd be much wiser for the person to acknowledge the truth of the amount of time and energy available, and that most likely will mean that only a small amount or even one person can be invested with quality time, while still meeting the many other responsibilities they have in life.

Another example would just be a very long day's to-do list of activities or tasks. It may be too long and a person may feel too overwhelmed because they aren't able or are stressing out about finishing everything, but they haven't really practiced discernment in thinking through how much really can be accomplished.

It may be hard to be humble enough to discern this because many people act like (pretend) they have an endless amount of energy and time. Also, each person has different amounts of time and energy depending on their giftings and life situation. So if a person is comparing themselves with others and not keeping that in mind, it might cause them to feel discouraged or set unrealistic expectations for themselves.
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